Market Research – Customized Patient Panels

Leveraging the power of billions of actual healthcare claims, VisibilityRx can create a customized patient panel of individuals meeting your inclusion/exclusion criteria who have recently filled a prescription for your product across the United States.

VisibilityRx presents a customized, project-specific invitation to patients who qualify to participate in your research. Invitations are provided to patients when they are filling a prescription for your medication, or patients who are known to have filled a prescription for your medication during the project look-back period.

Are you wanting to know what your compliant patients, concomitant therapy patients, or new-to-therapy patients are experiencing? We can Help. Using our database of 1 Billion+ annual records, we invite only patients known to be on therapy who meet your criteria! Your source for patients must be reliable if your research is going to be. 10 patients or 1,000 patients, locate and sample the right candidates for your research project today!

“VisibilityRx’s patient identification solution allowed us to work with our regular Market Research Firm while assuring us that recruited patients were new to therapy across five products. Understanding titration experiences leading to patient preferences was the study objective. The VisibilityRx solution was timely, efficient, and cost effective.”

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Communication Methodologies

Direct Mail

The key to a strong direct mail effort is access to fresh, quality data.

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Call Center

Professional call centers staffed by healthcare communicators.

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Outbound IVR

In many cases, a project calls for subtle patient qualification.

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Pharmacist Consultation

One of the most trusted relationships in healthcare.

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