About Us

VisibilityRx utilizes proprietary HIPAA compliant technology to build de-identified patient databases containing actual patient attributes. Reviewing this data set for characteristics that match actual project level protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria allows us to quickly and efficiently find patients that would benefit from your HIPAA compliant message.

VisibilityRx enjoys rich partnerships with professional healthcare providers and is in constant communications with the market to insure thought leadership. We fully comply with HIPAA and HI-TECH ACT standards to minimize risk and insure that data is safeguarded.

VisibilityRx is more than a technology company. We are a solution company. We find the needle in the haystack – providing solutions to the obstacle of finding patients – allowing you to communicate with more patients, meet project deadlines and reduce costs.

Reach us at 678-943-2090 or email us at info@visibilityrx.com for information on how we can help you today.

We help find patients, and we are good at it!

Communication Methodologies

Direct Mail

The key to a strong direct mail effort is access to fresh, quality data.

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Call Center

Professional call centers staffed by healthcare communicators.

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Outbound IVR

In many cases, a project calls for subtle patient qualification.

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Pharmacist Consultation

One of the most trusted relationships in healthcare.

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